Well-chosen words deserve well-chosen letters;
these in their turn deserve to be set with affection, intelligence, knowledge and skill.

Robert Bringhurst

Beautiful typographic design

We design bespoke Bibles that faithfully present the Word. From complex, note heavy study Bibles, to minimal readers Bibles; Besnowed has the skills and expertise to design beautiful, functional Bibles.

Our values
Besnowed makes the content the priority; every element of a design seeks to create a clear and engaging reading experience. Enhancing the readers engagement with the Bible, we make something beautiful to be cherished and enjoyed.

Our process
Working in a beautiful tension between tradition and innovation. Besnowed utilises the best of traditional typography - refined through the centuries - as well as looking forward to the functional solutions of the future. Bringing the best design and typography to the Bible.

Bible design & typesetting

We design and typeset Bibles, taking an idea from concept to a finished product ready to hit the press.

Bible Design
Starting with just the Bible text and a blank page, we build your design from the ground up around your goals. We meet the requirements of publishers while pushing the boundaries of what is possible in Bible design.

Bible Typesetting
After designing the layout, we typeset. Besnowed's Bible typesetting takes place by hand, page by page. Automation is a tool to increase efficiency, but your Bible will be designed by humans, for humans. Besnowed cares about the Bible, and this flows out in the care and accuracy of our typesetting.

Fast & Not Furious
Despite the high level of care and attention to detail, Besnowed works fast. We streamline the Bible design and typesetting process as much as possible and try to help you enjoy it along the way. It doesn't need to be a slog.